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Are you sure the bandwidth is unlimited?
Yes, incoming and outgoing traffic is unlimited if the server comes with unmetered bandwidth. You...
Can I get IP to test ping and test file?
test IP: test file: test.bin
Can I host adult sites?
Yes, we do allow hosting of pornography/XXX websites. We do not allow hosting of children...
If I buy a seedbox from you, will you be able to copy my data from my previous provider?
If you have the FTP access, there won't be any problem with that. However you must buy an account...
Is forum spam allowed? does not allow forum spam and email spam as well.
What's the difference between a dedicated server and a dedicated seedbox for one person?
Having a dedicated server you are the administrator of it, so you can install whatever you wish...
Where are your servers located ?
All our servers are located in the Netherlands and are hosted in Leaseweb.