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Free trial seedbox account

Are you undecided ? Maybe you don't know if our seedbox has everything you need.. Would you like to check our control panel or the options and features available? Now you can make a free/demo 24h account with the following specification:

- 50GB hdd space 

- 1Gbps download speed 

- 100Mbps upload speed

- 20GB traffic limit 

This free seedbox includes all the functions of all regular shared accounts, but it will be installed on different servers intended only for this service. It's something like a demo account thanks to which you can see our control panel, available options and addons. However if you want to test a particular payable account we suggest buying it and using our "7 days money back policy" if you are not satisfied..

NOTE: Public trackers and UDP trackers are blocked on a demo account while they are allowed and not blocked on regular accounts. To avoid abusers we allow only one demo account order per customer so we're asking not to make multiple accounts. If we discover any abuse of this kind, all demo accounts will be switched off instantly.