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How to recover the root password on a windows server

If you have forgotten the root password, it has expired or been stolen you can recover it in a few minutes.

You must switch the server into the WinRescue mode, go to "My Services", then choose the service you need and use the "Netboot button". Change it into the WinRescue mode and reboot the server. Soon you will get WinRescue login data on your email. Please find VNC access details there:

To connect to the VNC you need vncviewer. Here you can read more about it if you don't know how to connect through VNC:

click here



Next you should connect with the server via VNCviewer using login details from email.


When you have connected to the server via VNC please find on the desktop the"NT password" icon. Click on it, when the program has started click on the "Re(open)" button. Now find the root user, click on it, then if your password has expired click on the "Unlock" buttton and then "Save changes", if you want to change the password click on "Change password". In the next window you must type your new password twice. Bear in mind that the password should have both upper and lower case and at least one digit. After entering this you need to click on Save changes.

When you have changed the password you must switch the server into the normal boot in "Netboot", then change it into the HD mode. After that restart the server, when the server comes online you can use your new password.

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