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2 days ago we updated our manager. Finally we added plex into it and customers with accounts starting at 17EUR/month (SB5 package) can install and manage plex directly from there. It can be found under a new Plex tab in your seedbox details page. If you already have plex installed by our staff manually, just click on the install plex button and your installed plex details will appear there with 4 management buttons:
-Upgrade plex
-Restart plex
-Reinstall plex
-Uninstall plex

There is also a new tab Notifications under all shared seedboxes. At the moment it's not enabled in full yet but there will be an option to enable or disable some email notifications. Initially, there will be 2 notifications. When a customer hits 80% and 100% of monthly traffic, we will send an email notice.

Soon we will release another update with 4 new addons, it will be Jackett, Sonarr, PlexPy and PlexRequestsnet. The latter 2 will be available only with accounts which support plex as it's additional plex software.

Another thing to come is l2tp and pptp VPN accounts. It will be possible to use all of them at the same time. At the moment we allow only one openvpn connection at the same time so you can't use it on multiple devices. It will change with l2tp and pptp.

Stay tuned...

If you notice any erorrs/bugs in the updated manager, please report them to us.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

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