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We have added the possibility to choose rTorrent version which you will get running on all our shared servers. By default it will be the latest version. You can check available versions via SSH with the following command:
ls -dl /opt/rtorrent*
At the moment these are:

To change your version you need to create the file ~/.config/.rtversion and put the required version there. If you want to use rTorrent 0.9.4, you need to put 0.9.4 there and restart rTorrent to get the changes affected. If everything is OK, you will get a configured version after a restart. If you get the latest version after a restart, it means that you have configured a version not supported, configured the file ~/.config/.rtversion not properly or the file is not placed where it should be. If you want to use the latest version again, you just need to remove the file ~/.config/.rtversion and restart rTorrent.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

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