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Recently our shared seedboxes have undergone some changes.

1. The additional traffic packages have changed and the prices are lower, at the moment we offer:
2TiB for 5EUR
4TiB for 8EUR
6TiB for 10EUR
10TiB for 13EUR
15TiB for 18EUR
25TiB for 30EUR
50TiB for 55EUR
The higher additional traffic packages are available only with higher slots, eg. SB1, SSD900 etc.

2. We have also changed the way we limit speed when you go over the traffic limit. So far all the accounts have been capped to 5-7Mbps. Now it will be done according to the following scheme:
SB MINI, SB8, SB7, SB6 and SDATA will be capped at ~30Mbps
SB5, SB4, SB3, SSD300, SSD450, SDATA L and SDATA XL will be capped at ~50Mbps
SB2, SB1, SSD600, SSD900, SDEDI 400, SDEDI 450, SDEDI 900 will be capped at ~100Mbps

3. The most important thing, all shared seedboxes from the SB and SSD series have new higher monthly traffic limits. The accounts have received a monthly traffic limit of higher accounts, for example the SB MINI account has now a monthly traffic limit of the SB8 account, the SB2 package has a monthly traffic limit of SB1 etc.. SB1 and SSD900 accounts have now 40TiB. The changes will take affect for each account from the next traffic reset.

Finally, we would like to draw your attention to one thing. Most of our competitors use decimal prefixes (1000) in their offer while we use binary prefixes (1024). They do this to make their offer more attractive because in decimal it is more than in binary. It refers to both HDD space and monthly traffic. There is a  ~8% difference, for example 1TB =~931GiB. We will also change it to make the comparison of the offers available easier.

Happy seeding for everyone Team

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

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