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It's a great pleasure for us to inform you that a few days ago we updated our seedbox control panel which has now some additional options (described below). After the update some clients can't find their deluge URL, it's available in the "addons" tab now :-)

All our seedboxes have additional addons installable from our manager, from the "addons" tab. These are:
- rapidleech
- sabnzbd
- bittorrent sync
- transmission
- autodl-irssi plugin with irssi
- deluge

As can be seen we have added transmission to the clients available and at present we offer 3 bitorrent clients: rtorrent, deluge and transmission.


Moreover, we have added a great option to install additional seedbox accounts, this option is available on dedicated seedboxes only. If you have a dedicated seedbox and you would like to use these additional features, we need to install some additional things on your server, so first please open a support ticket with upgrade request.
In the near future we will add the option to add additional VPN and FTP accounts on dedicated seedboxes.

We're also planning to add znc and mktorrent webui to addons. If you have got any suggestions for other extra options to be added to our seedboxes, please write to our .


We'll greatly appreciate your feedback about these additional features, if you find any bug please contact our support as soon as possible.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

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