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autodl-irssi plugin settings for SCC

Settings for SCC, you go to autodl-irssi settings

irssi settings

You go to IRC servers, click on "new" and you add a server like on the screen below:

Sceneaccess config

In Nick you type your username on SCC, in Password field any random password and in Email your email address registered on SCC. Make sure SSL is checked. If everything is done click on OK.

Now you go again to autodl-irssi and choose Trackers. Look for Sceneaccess on the list
Sceneaccess config2

Now you log in SCC, go to torrents list and right click on the link for torrent downloading, then you choose 'Copy link'.
Sceneaccess config3

Paste the resulting text into the "authkey" box, this should automatically extract your passkey.
Make sure "Force HTTPS (SSL) downloads" is checked.
Press OK.

Now you need to get invited to irc channel, to do it you go to IRC on SCC and click on invite

Now in your autodl-irssi log there will be info that you got connected with announce SCC channel.

Now that you have the bot connected to the server in the announce channel, you need to configure filters to tell the bot what torrent files to grab.

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