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How can I connect to the remote desktop on ubuntu desktop 8.04?

To connect to the remote desktop on your computer, you will need the NX client which can be downloaded here . First install and activate NX Client. You will see the following window:

NX Connection Image

Now insert the connection name in the Session blank, insert the name or IP address of the server in the Host blank. Then click on "Next". Another window will pop up:

NX Connection Image2

Remember to change KDE into GNOME in your settings !! Now click on "Next"

NX Connection Image3

Now click on Finish.

NX Connection Image4

You insert your data i.e. Login, Password and click on Login. You have just logged in the remote desktop.


Terminating a session on the Ubuntu Desktop server

Click on the "X" closing button. You will see a window which gives you the following choices:

  • Suspend : terminate a session and restart it later (the next connection will start with the session you terminated along with all the applications you activated before)
  • Terminate : simple session termination. All the activated applications will be closed.

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