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gdrive installation

Please log on to your account via SSH. Go to the page and copy Linux 64-bit download link. Now download gdrive file via SSH

wget -O ~/gdrive

Please replace download URL in the command above.

Now add an executable permission

chmod +x gdrive

Now install gdrive

if ! grep -w "PATH=\$HOME/bin" ~/.bashrc ; then mkdir -p ~/bin && echo "PATH=\$HOME/bin:\$PATH" >> ~/.bashrc && source ~/.bashrc ; fi

install gdrive ~/bin && rm -f ~/gdrive

Now you need to authorize your gdrive to access your Google Drive account. Type the command given below, in the output you will get your authentication URL. Copy it and paste in your web browser, then copy your verifitaction code and paste it into SSH.

gdrive list

That's all. You have just installed and configured gdrive. You are able to download and upload to your Google Drive disc.
To get gdrive help use:

gdrive help

To get help with the download command:

gdrive help download

To get help with the upload command:

gdrive help upload

To get help with any other command use:

gdrive help [command]

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