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syncthing update-upgrade

Log into your SSH and type the following commands, one by one:

syncver=$(curl -s | grep syncthing-linux-amd64-v1. | head -3 | tail -1 | grep -o "v1.*.*" | awk -F "/" '{print $1}');wget$syncver/syncthing-linux-amd64-$syncver.tar.gz

tar -xf ~/syncthing-linux-amd64-*.tar.gz

pkill -f -9 syncthing && cp ~/syncthing-linux-amd64-*/syncthing ~/bin

bash ~/software/cron/syncthing

rm ~/syncthing-linux-amd64-*.tar.gz

If you want to upgrade to a pre-release version, you need to change the first command in the article to the following one:

syncver=$(curl -s | grep syncthing-linux-amd64-v0. | head -1 | grep -o "v0.*.*" | awk -F "/" '{print $1}');wget$syncver/syncthing-linux-amd64-$syncver.tar.gz

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