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Radarr update-upgrade

Log in to your SSH and use the command given below. Please, make sure that you use the whole command:

cd ~/software/; pkill -f Radarr.exe; rm -R ~/software/Radarr/; wget -q $(curl -s | grep linux.tar.gz | grep browser_download_url | head -1 | cut -d \" -f 4); tar -xf Radarr.*.tar.gz; rm ~/software/Radarr.*.tar.gz; bash ~/software/cron/radarr

If you want to upgrade to a specific version, not to latest one, you need to change the download URL (linux.tar.gz version) in the command below:

cd ~/software/; pkill -f Radarr.exe; rm -R ~/software/Radarr/; wget -q http://download_url_here; tar -xf Radarr.*.tar.gz; rm ~/software/Radarr.*.tar.gz; bash ~/software/cron/radarr

for example, if you want to upgrade to v0.2.0.980, the command should be:

cd ~/software/; pkill -f Radarr.exe; rm -R ~/software/Radarr/; wget -q; tar -xf Radarr.*.tar.gz; rm ~/software/Radarr.*.tar.gz; bash ~/software/cron/radarr

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