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How to choose the right seedbox?

If you are willing to spend 5-15EUR, the choice is not big, however if you can spend more, there is a variety of options.

You have to decide if you need a seedbox with 100Mbps, 1Gbps or 10Gbps. If you are not an uploader or a very active user, it's no use buying an account with 10Gbps. To reach such speed, you have to download new torrents where there is one seed and a lot of peers. If we download old files on 1/10 Gbps where a lot of people seed, there is no chance for us to upload much, and large speed can only be seen on download. 10 Gbps accounts are for the more active users, who are able to find new, freshly uploaded torrents or they are uploaders. Of course it also matters what tracker we are on, because there are trackers where we cannot do much with 100 mbps, because most users have 1/10 Gbps accounts. However, these are used by more advanced users who do not need the information presented above.

When you know what account you need, i.e. whether that should be 100Mbps,1Gbps or 10Gbps, you try to find the right offer. The most significant factor concerning the speed is how many people you will share the HDD with. Therefore you should look for accounts with the smallest number of users on a given disk. That should be your main criterion so if you can afford a one-person seedbox, you should go for it and not a shared one. In this case the seedbox is only at your disposal with all its resources and most importantly the connection which is either 100mbps or 1Gbps. You can use the whole of our connection any time you want, which is important for fast trackers where a lot of people use seedboxes and seeding can turn out hard.
You can also check our SH1 10GB package with which you will get your own dedicated disk.

If you cannot afford a one-person seedbox, you need to look for a shared one. There is quite a choice here at a number of prices and with a variety of parametres. However you still need to take into account the most important factor which is the number of users on the HDD.

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