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What is a seedbox ?

A seedbox is installed on a dedicated server (basically just like your home PC) used for the uploading and downloading of torrent files but connected to a high speed network with 100Mbit or even 1Gbit full duplex connection and is running 24h a day. A seedbox has preinstalled software like :

- bittorent client (rTorrent, uTorrent, deluge) with WebUI access through a web browser so you need only a web browser to access it

- FTP account with SSL/TLS

- Remote desktop

- HTTP access

This qurantees anonymity and removes the need to worry about ratio and no technical knowledge is required. You don't need to do anything, everything is done by your seedbox provider.

There are 2 kinds of seedboxes:

1/ Dedicated seedbox - it's a dedicated server and it's only for you so it means that whole machine and its resources like CPU, RAM, HDD, internet connection etc. are only yours and dedicated to you. This seedbox is always more expensive but gives you more convenience as nobody overloads your server, and most importantly, the internet connection is only for you so you have full speed available all the time.

2/ Shared seedbox - it's also based on a dedicated server but you share machine resources like CPU , RAM , HDD etc. with other people who share the server. These seedboxes are cheaper as we share a dedicated server with a few people and its price is also shared. Understandably, the people you share your server with have no access to your files and your account is completely private. Some providers do not give the number of people you may share your machine with and install a lot of users, as a consequence the server can be often overloaded and you won't be able to see good results and seed/upload with high speeds. The fewer people sharing a server the better speeds you reach. Sometimes you even might not notice that you share your machine e.g. when there are 2 people only and they are from different time zones so they may use the server at different times. Therefore, it is important to ask about the number of people sharing a server if there is no such information in package description.

To access the seedbox you need only a web browser, where you type the http address then when the login screen appears, you need to enter your username and password and you are forwarded to your seedbox. Then you just need to add a *.torrent file downlaoded from the tracker and that's all. The torrent will run till you stop it (24 a day).

When a torrent is downloaded then you can download files from the seedbox to your home PC through FTP or HTTP.

Most seedboxes also have a remote desktop access most frequently via VNC so you will be connected to the  desktop installed on the seedbox. Basically it will be a desktop like on your home PC with preinstalled software like:

- web browser, you will be able to surf the internet through your seedbox and then you will be visible with seedbox IP

- FTP client , you will be able to use FTP from your seedbox e.g. you can transfer your files from your old seedbox provider to the new one

- winrar, to extract your files

- jdownloader, to download files from file hosts

- file manager, to manage your files


The reason for a fast seedbox ?

Most importantly, we remain anonymous because only seedbox IP can be seen everywhere.

If our ISP throttle bittorrent traffic then we won't have any problems anymore because we use FTP or HTTP to download files. The whole bittorent traffic goes via a seedbox.

We don't need to worry about ratio as a seedbox has a super fast internet connection.

We don't need our home PC to run all the time as a seedbox runs 24h a day.

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