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Adding torrents to ruTorrent seedbox

To add a torrent just click on the "add a torrent" button  Add a torrent in the bottom menu

Then a menu should open:

Add ad torrent menu icon

This gives two options for adding a torrent:

Add a torrent via url - if you know torrent URL you can just add it into "Torrent URL" field like on this screenshot:

Add ad torrent menu icon2

Add the torrent throught direct upload *.torrent file. To do this firstly you must download a *.torrent file from the tracker into your home PC then just click on "Browse or Choose Files" button. Then just browse to the *.torrent file you wish to add and then click on "Open or OK". Then the torrent should be added into "Torrent file" field, like on this scsreenshot:

Add ad torrent menu icon3

Now click on "Add File".

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