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List of ruTorrent plugins installed on seedbox

Currently the following plugins are installed:

- RPC - a plug-in for linking rtorrent and a web server.

- erasedata - to the right click context menu.

- сreate - to create *.torrent files.

- trafic - to count traffic.

- RSS - realizes operations with RSS-feeds.

- edit - allows to edit the trackers list of the existing torrent.

- throttle - allows to set upload/download limitations for groups of torrents.

- retrackers - to add automatically defined re-trackers for newly added torrents.

- cookies - to define a set of cookies for trackers which use such a method of authorization.

- scheduler - to change speed limitations of downloads/uploads depending on hour of the day and day of the week.

- autotools - realizes some automation functions (autolabel, automove).

- datadir - allows to change the torrent's data directory.

- tracklabels - adds a set of automatically generated by trackers' names labels onto categories panel.

- ratio - allows to set different ratio limitations for groups of torrents.

- Show_peers_like_wtorrent - changes the format of values in "Seeds" and "Peers" columns of the torrents list.

- seedingtime - adds the column with the torrent's finishing time to torrents list.

- HTTPRPC - Similar to RPC but with low bandwidth use in mind.

- Diskspace -- Shows remaining space on the bottom bar in an easy to read way.

- Unpack -- Unrars and Unzips downloaded torrents.

- getdir Plugin - this plugin helps rutorrent find and render directories.

- Source - this plugin lets you download the .torrent file.

- Chunks - this plugin shows info on torrent pieces (which pieces have downloaded).

- Data - this plugin adds an http download option to the "files" tab and torrent menu.

- Cpuload - shows cpu loading on the bottom bar in an easy to read way.

- Extsearch - adds an internal search function to many popular public and private sites

- Theme - adds several themes and the ability to choose which one to use from the settings menu.

- Loginmgr - this plugin is used for sites where cookies fail, to help support RSS.

- Rssurlrewrite - this plugin is used to rewrite http links for rss using regular expressions
- Pause - plugin to pause the WebUI refresh
- FileDrop - this plugin allows to drag multiple torrents from the desktop to teh browser
- Filemanager - this plugin allows to manager files via ruTorrent
- Fileupload - sharing services fileuploader
- autodl-irssi - irc bot for auto downloading, installable from our addons in one click
- Mediastream - video streaming plugin, allows stream movies directly from the ruTorrent

Every client can install or remove any plugin himself via SSH. Below you can find a link to an article on how to do this.

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