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Configure XBMC

How to configure the XBMC program to watch films and listen to music from FTP

Step 1
You download and instal XBMC on your platform (Windows, Linux, iOS etc.) from the website given below:

Step 2

You install XBMC with all the adons

Step 3

You start XBMC on your home PC

Step 4

You go through Video -> Filters -> Add Videos… -> Browse -> Add network location -> You choose: Protocol – FTP Server, and next you type the Hostname, username and password


Hostname, username, password can be found in Client Area in our Manager
Next you choose the server added, type the name which will be visible and click OK


Step 5
You do again to Videos -> Filters -> Server Name -> You choose the film you want to watch via XBMC


And you enjoy the film!


You go through the same procedure if you want to listen to music from your seedbox

Step 1
You go to Music -> Filters -> Add source -> You choose the FTP added before [see Step 4]


Step 2
You choose a song and listen to it without downloading it on your PC


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