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OpenVPN how to get connected


Step 1

You download and install the program OpenVPN from the website given below:

Step 2

You log in your FTP server and download the catalogue „vpn”.

Step 3

You copy the content of "vpn" catalogue into the Folder OpenVPN/config which is where we installed the program e.g.:
C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config .

Step 4

Start OpenVPN as administrator. In Tray you right click on OpenVPN -> Connect .


If everything was done correctly your IP should change into the IP of the server you are currently using.


Step 1.

You download Tunnelblick for Mac OS from the following site:

Step 2.
Next you install Tunnelblick software on your computer and run it.

Step 3.
You download vpn catalogue ( located in the downloads folder) from FTP

Step 4.
You change the name of the vpn catalogue and you add ".tblk" so your catalogue will be named vpn.tblk

Step 5.
You double click on the previously edited vpn.tblk document and install  VPN config for all users. You will be asked to give admin password.

Step 6.
Now you get connected with VPN. to do it, you right click on the bar where you can see the icon of Tunnelblick, and you choose the config installed before.


If everything has been done correctly you should get connected to VPN and your IP address should be the same as the one for your service.

Ubuntu 14.04

1. Firstly, install network-manager-openvpn

sudo apt-get install network-manager-openvpn

2. Now download your vpn files into your PC, laptop etc. You can find them in your download under the vpn directory.
3. Go to the system area network icon -> VPN Connections -> Configure VPN:

Ubuntu openvpn configuration

4. Click the Add button in the next window and choose OpenVPN in the drop-down menu as a connection type.

Ubuntu openvpn configuration1

5. Now in the VPN editing window, type in:

Ubuntu openvpn configuration2

Connection name: name it as you wish.
Gateway: the IP address in the openvpn.ovpn file. Please open openvpn.file in text editor and find a similar line: remote 1194. IP after remote is Gateway IP.
User Certificate: choose the username.crt file.
CA Certificate: choose the ca.crt file.
Private Certificate: choose the username.key file.

6. Click the Advanced button.

Ubuntu openvpn configuration3

Check the boxes which say:
Use LZO data compression
Use a TCP connection
Click OK and Save configuration.

6. When everything is done, connect to the VPN from the network menu:

Ubuntu openvpn configuration4

You’re connected to the VPN if you see this message:

Ubuntu openvpn configuration5

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