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Deluge seedbox menu bar guide

Deluge seedbox menu bar guide

Top menu bar


It has some action buttons:

Deluge- add torrent

Deluge- remove torrent

Deluge- start/resume torrent

Deluge- stop/pause torrent

Deluge- move torrent up

Deluge- move torrent down

Deluge- Deluge Preferences

Deluge- Deluge connection manager

Deluge- Logour from Deluge WebUI


Left side menu:


All - all torrents.

Seeding - torrents which are seeding

Active - all torrents which are currently downloading and uploading.

Paused - torrents which are paused

Tracker - lets you sort by tracker.



Status – shows current info about a given torrent, information about the tracker, the number of seeds and peers and the date when the torrent was added

Details – shows details about the tracker and files in a given torrent

Files - shows all files or parts for the current torrent selected, and download status of each. You can use this tab to set per-file download priority.

Peers - presents peer information for the current torrent.

Options – shows the options available for a given torrent , here you can set limits for downloading/uploading, the max. number of connections etc.

Botton menu bar:


Deluge- Connections

Deluge- Download speed

Deluge- Upload speed

Deluge- Protocol Traffic download/upload

Deluge- DHT Nodes

Deluge- Free space in download location

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