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Download files from seedbox via jDownloader

Step 1

You download the program jDownloader for your OS:

Step 2

You install jDownloader on your computer and then you start it.

Step 3

You log in your FTP server via a web browser using the button „Direct http access” in Client Area -> Services -> My services -> Product name -> View Details .

Step 4

You copy the address of the file you want to download.


Step 5

You go to jDownloader’a, in the FileGrabber bookmark you click on Add URL and paste the address copied before in the following way:
You need to add the following data "username:password@" between http://... and hostname so that the link in jDownloader will look like this:
Where "username" and "password" it's your seedbox user and pass.

Step 6

In Filegrabber you click on Continue with all.

If everything was done properly, the files added before should start downloading automatically in the Download bookmark.

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