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Owncloud/Nextcloud - installation

In this tutorial we will install owncloud/nextcloud via SSH with basic configuration. Please login to your server via SSH and use this command:
wget -qP ~/www/$(whoami).$(hostname)/$(whoami)/

Now visit this URL:

Where is your server hostname where you have an account, and username is your username on the service. So if your server is and username batman, URL will look like this:

Now follow the installation guide:
1. Just click next.

Owncloud installation tutorial 1

2. Don't change Install in subdirectory path, leave it as it's owncloud and click on next.

Owncloud installation tutorial 2

3. Just click on next.

Owncloud installation tutorial 3

Now you have 2 options to configure your owncloud installation.  Both of them are described below.

I. With default configuration, i.e. if you fill in just the username and pass and click on Finish setup, owncloud will be installed in your www directory and there all your files will be stored.

Owncloud installation tutorial 4

II. If you want to store your owncloud files in your downloads path, not in www, please use this option. The only difference is that you need to change your Data folder, so you click on Advanced button and there will appear a window where you need to type your path to downloads. This command in SSH will return your path:
cd ~/downloads && pwd

It will return somehing like:

This is what we need to put into Data folder and then click on Finish.

Owncloud installation tutorial 5

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