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Slow FTP speed - troubleshooting

Some clients report slow FTP speed, if you have such problem please read this article and follow instructions.

Firstly, if your download speed via FTP was good all the time and now suddenly you have got problems, we advise you to wait for a few hours and check again whether the problem still occurs. it might be a temporary problem on your ISP's side or on our DC's side. In such cases after some time everything comes back to normal.
However if your download speed has been slow for a long time or since the beginning of your service, please follow this procedure to verify and find a solution to the problem:

1. Please check if you haven't gone over the traffic limit as your outgoing speed can be limited and FTP download speed is limited as well. 

2. Please change your FTP protocol, if you use SFTP (port 22) change it to FTPS (port 21) and vice versa and check your download speed again. If it is slow with both protocols, please try using another FTP client. If it is still slow, please check your HTTP download speed. In the manager you can find DIRECT HTTP ACCESS which will redirect you to your files, download any of your files to verify your HTTP download speed.

3. Download each file and check the speed with which they are downloaded, copy each address one by one to your web browser and check your download speed:

If you are on Linux or MacOS you can use wget in terminal to check download speed as well. On Windows it can be done if you have installed any Linux distribution and you have terminal available.

wget <URL address>

4. Go to and do a few tests with servers located in the Netherlands, 3 different locations should be enough. Don't choose default, i.e. the closest location. Those must be servers located in NL as our servers are also there. Please make sure that you use the single thread download not default multi so change it to single.

5. Open a ticket describing the problem and providing some essential information:

- how long you've had the problem

- if you have changed anything in your ftp client settings

- please provide results from point 2, also write whether SFTP and FTPS are the same, which FTP client you have used, what your HTTP download speed is

- the speed with which you download the files in point 3. It's really important so please give the speed for each file the results form, it will let us work out if there is a problem with routing to NL or something else goes wrong

- finally provide your download speed via SFTP,FTPS, HTTP, write what your internet connection and expected download speed are

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