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If I buy a dedicated hosting package, can I get the root password ?

Yes, no problem. However it means you will have an unmanaged dedicated server, not a seedbox anymore. You will be the admin of your server responsible for its management.
We will convert your dedicated seedbox to a dedicated server. After the change you will get a dedicated server control panel where you can manage the server, reboot, reinstall, use the rescue mode etc. You will have everything like it is on the server, your control panel will change only and you won't have a control panel like you have with a dedicated seedbox anymore. Changing it back to a dedicated seedbox will be possible with a 15EUR setup fee. To revert it back to a dedicated seedbox, you will need to open a support ticket with such request. We will issue an invoice and we will convert your dedicated server to a seedbox in about 24 hours after the payment.

NOTE: If you are still under first 7 days refund policy, after the change you lose the possibility for a refund as we don't offer refunds for all our dedicated servers.

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