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Adding/Removing ruTorrent plugins

Every client can customize his ruTorrent configuration, add/remove plugins etc. 

If you want to remove any plugin, you can do this via SSH with the following command:
rm -rf ~/www/$(whoami).$(hostname)/$(whoami)/rutorrent/plugins/plugin_name

so if you want to remove "create" plugin this command should look like that:
rm -rf ~/www/$(whoami).$(hostname)/$(whoami)/rutorrent/plugins/create

Login to SSH and go to ruTorrent plugins path:
cd ~/www/$(whoami).$(hostname)/$(whoami)/rutorrent/plugins

To install any plugin you need to download it to this directory, we will download create plugin which was deleted before:
svn co

If the plugin you want to have installed is compressed, you need to extract it in this directory. For example:
Download file:

tar xzfv nfo.tar.gz

Delete compressed file
rm nfo.tar.gz

The plugin has been installed.

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