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Traffic usage on shared hosting

On all our shared hosting we count the whole outgoing user traffic, it's upload via any app, download via FTP/HTTP(s) from the server etc., simply anything that is taken from the server. Incoming traffic is not counted, it's download via any app, upload on the server via FTP etc., just anything that you grab onto the server.

When you exceed the limit the whole outgoing user bandwidth is capped to 5-7Mbps to renewal date. On due date the traffic counter is reset and if bandwidth has been reduced it will be reverted to normal speed.

There is a possibility of ordering additional traffic when you have gone over the traffic limit. We sell additional traffic with the following packages:

1TB for 4EUR

2TB for 7EUR

4TB for 12EUR

6TB for 17EUR

This extra traffic expires on due date when the user's counter is reset, it is not added to the next billing period.

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