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Making an MTR

A MTR is a computer program which combines the information of traceroute and ping in a single tool, unlike traceroute, it is not limited to 3 packets per hop. You can set the number of packets to be sent. It sends packets from one location to another displaying where they pass, and the possible origin of a delay/problem.The main advantage of MTR is the fact that it presents the packet loss per hop, and consequently you may find out if there is a problem along the route or only on the final hop.


Making an MTR

While making an MTR please remember to use the following 2 options:

- not resolve hostnames

- create the MTR with at least 100 packages


Windows users can use WinMTR software, which can be downloaded here


Open a terminal (SSH) and use the following command:

mtr -n -r -c 100 XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX

Where XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX is IP address you want to run the MTR to. Example below with IP

mtr -n -r -c 100

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