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rTorrent/ruTorrent limit upload/download speed

This article describes how to limit upload or download speed in ruTorrent/rTorrent. Some plugins like channels and ratiogroup require configured global speed limits to get them working. If you want to use channels or ratiogroup plugins to limit your upload speed, you need to configure global upload speed limits.
If you set up any limits in ruTorrent, they will revert back to default setting when you restart rTorrent. By default we don't limit anything and speed limits are configured as 0 (unlimited). To avoid it you need to configure limits permanently.
If you want to use ratiogroup and channels to limit your upload speed you can use this single command via SSH:

sed -i "s/'MAX_SPEED', 0/'MAX_SPEED', 1024*1024*300/" ~/www/$(whoami).$(hostname)/$(whoami)/rutorrent/plugins/throttle/throttle.php

This command will limit your global upload/download speed limit to 3Gbps. No rtorrent restart is required. Just refresh your ruTorrent page and under ruTorrent connection settings you will see:

Global maximum upload rate (kB/s): [0: Unlimited]

Global maximum download rate (kB/s): [0: Unlimited]

configured to 307200.

Now ratiogroup and channels speed limits should work.

If you want to limit your upload or download speed to different values and for purposes different than plugins limitations you need to edit your .rtorrent.rc file and configure your limits there. These 2 lines are responsible for limits in rtorrent:

#throttle.global_down.max_rate.set_kb = 0

#throttle.global_up.max_rate.set_kb = 0

You need to set up your required limit for download/upload and unhash these lines. To get these changes affected you need to restart rTorrent now. After a restart you should see global limits in the bottom menu bar.

If you want to revert back ruTorrent upload speed limit to 0 please use the following command:

sed -e "s/'MAX_SPEED'.*/'MAX_SPEED', 0);/" ~/www/$(whoami).$(hostname)/$(whoami)/rutorrent/plugins/throttle/throttle.php

If you set up limits in .rtorrent.rc file and you want to remove these limits, just hash both lines and restart rTorrent.

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