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rclone installation

Rclone is a simple executable file so there is no need to install anything. You just need to download rclone, extract it, add executable permission and that's all.

Log on to your SSH and download the newest rclone for linux 64 bit

cd && wget

Now extract it

unzip ~/rclone-*.zip && rm ~/rclone-*.zip

That's all. Now you can go to the rclone directory and execute the file. We will make it more complex so that rclone command will be recognized.

if ! grep -w "PATH=\$HOME/bin" ~/.bashrc ; then echo "PATH=\$HOME/bin:\$PATH" >> ~/.bashrc && source ~/.bashrc ; fi ; mkdir -p ~/binĀ 

Copy the rclone file to your bin

cp ~/rclone-*/rclone ~/bin

Remove unused rclone directory

rm -r ~/rclone-*

Use the following command to get rclone help

rclone -h

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