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ZNC - basic configuration

This article describes how to configure the ZNC IRC bouncer. When you are logged into your ZNC webui, go to the global settings. You need to configure the ZNC listening port which you will use to connect to ZNC from your favourite IRC client.

ZNC configuration

Port - please use any random port between the 29000-30000 range.

Now it should look like on the screen.

ZNC configuration 2

Now you need to add IRC servers to which you would like to connect your ZNC. Go to Your Settings and edit the default network.

ZNC configuration 3

ZNC configuration 4

1. Your IRC nickname.
2. IRC server configuration with the following scheme: hostname, port, password, eg. 6667 mypassword , if you want to use the SSL port you need to add + before the port so it should look like hostname +port password, eg. +6697 mypassword.

Now scroll down and add channels.

ZNC configuration 6

ZNC configuration 7

If you want to add more channels, just use Add and fill the channels like you did previously.

Now your ZNC should be connected with the configured IRC server and channel(s) and you can connect to your ZNC with your favourite IRC client.
The screen below shows Xchat configuration to connect to ZNC.

ZNC configuration 8

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