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The article describes how to enable WebDAV. Please log in to your SSH and use the following commands:

echo -en "Include /etc/apache2/mods-available/dav.load\nInclude /etc/apache2/mods-available/dav_fs.load\n\nDavLockDB $HOME/DavLock\nAlias /$(whoami)/webdav $HOME/downloads\n<Directory $HOME/downloads>\nDAV On\n</Directory>" > .apache2/conf.d/dav.conf

mv ~/downloads/.htaccess ~/www/$(whoami).$(hostname)/$(whoami); touch ~/downloads/.htaccess

/usr/sbin/apache2ctl -k graceful

All done, you have enabled WebDav for your downloads folder. Your URL is http://server.hostname/username/webdav , where server.hostname is your server hostname and username is your service username, for example: .

If you want to use another folder, you need to edit the following file:


You need to edit line 5 and 6 to reflect the folder for which you want to enable webdav access. Please note that you can't do this for your $HOME path.

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