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Slot ready - quick start

Below you will find a few pieces of important information about seedboxes and some details how to start using your account.
After receiving email confirming account activation, you need to find the data necessary to log in. To do it you must log in the Client Area, next go to
Services -> you choose the product whose data you want to see (if you have more than one) and click on "View Details".

Client Area

Client Area 2

The data to your account will appear.

Client Area 3
Client Area 3

At the top there are 5 tabs:

1. Information - here you will find all your basic seedbox info, like:

- HDD and Traffic usage - your present data usage. When you log in to your manager and go to the view service details page, these data are updated in real time.

- Billing information - all billing information about your slot.

- Services status, main services are checked in real time when you go to the service details page. If everything is OK, you will get info "up", when a service is down, you will get info "offline" and Restart button will appear near this notice. When a service is not installed such info will be displayed.

- Seedbox details, here you can find your seedbox username, password, VNC address (if your service has it, if not, then you won't get such info) and ruTorrent URL.

- Transdroid details, all details require logging in with transdroid.

- FTP and SSH details, login details to FTP and SSH services.

2. Change password - you can change here your seedbox password for all your services.

3. Addons - here you can install and manage some additional software available with your slot, like:
BitTorrent Sync
Autodl-irssi plugin
and many many more...

4. FTP accounts - you can install here your own FTP server and add additional ftp accounts.

5. Squid Proxy - here you can install a squid proxy server.

6. Cancel - you can cancel your service here.

Below Transdroid and FTP details you can find 4 buttons:

7 - Direct HTTP access - it will redirect you to your downloads via HTTP.
8 - Download Filezilla config - when you click on it, you will download a filezilla config file which you can use to import your seedbox ftp account to your filezilla.
9 - Restart webserver - this button restarts your apache webserver.
10 - Download VPN files - here you can download all your openvpn account files.

The fact that you have a seedbox doesn't mean that you will upload with full speed all the time. It's just half of the work. To get the best speed and consequently upload as much as possible you need to „hunt” for new and fresh torrents where there is only one seed or use RSS feeds/autodl-irssi. On most trackers people use seedboxes and the torrents which seem new ones because e.g. they were added a few minutes before, are in fact old, as they have more than one seed. When you download a torrent with a few seeds and very few peers, there is nothing to upload because the seeds already upload to peers. Everything depends on the number of peers. Remember that if you want to get the best ratio you must download the files with one or very few seeds and a lot of peers. It's not a good idea to download old torrents with a big number of seeds and only a few peers, where the seeds:peers ratio is e.g. 5:1. However, it may happen that you start downloading a file seeded by one person only and with e.g. 20 peers, and you have got 0% downloaded compared to 90% downloaded by the peers. Then, you cannot upload too much because if your downloading result is lower than that of your peers, there is nothing to upload.
Moreover, if a torrent file is really old or it is a big pack , in most cases a big number of people download just a part of it and next they seed to improve the ratio or they just don't need the whole of it. Then the tracker shows e.g. there are 20 peers but, in fact, there may be no-one there because they have downloaded a part of the file and now they are seeding.
Simply if you get the data to your seedbox don't add anything that comes and wait for the seeding to happen just like that. You need to wait for something you really want to download or wait for new files with which you will boost your ratio.

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