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How to reboot my dedicated server?

You can do it in two different ways:

- soft reboot

- hard reboot


Soft reboot

To do it, log via ssh or telnet as the root and then you need to use the comman:


and then click Ctrl+d to disconnect the server.

Now send the ping to your server to check if it is online. When it is up again you may connect to it again and check uptime with the command



Hard reboot

If you have problems with soft reboot e.g. the server doesn't ping , ssh and telnet don't work and you can't log onto your server you need to do hard reboot. This method involves switching off the power supply for a few seconds. Then you switch it on and the server will start again. Since hard reboot involves swiching off the power supply hard disks are not dismounted and it's very probable that the server will check their content after restart. It may take a few minutes but also a few hours depending on how complex filesystem/raid is. That's why soft reboot is more advisable.

To reboot the server you need to log into the client area, go to "My Services", then choose the service you would like to reboot and use the "Reboot" button .

Then you will be asked to provide the reason why you need hard reboot, np. PING is OK but ssh doesn't work.

Then you will see info that reboot is in progress. You can reboot your server every 5 minutes. After a few minutes send ping to your server, when the server starts reposponding on ping you can connect to the server again and check uptime. If after hard reboot ssh doesn't work, it is advisable to wait for a few minutes as most probably the file system is being checked.

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