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Creating a torrent through ruTorrent

To create a *.torrent file on a server with rTorrent you need to use the "Create" Create torrent button icon icon in the bottom menu. Just click on it and then such a menu should open:

rTorrent create a torrent menu

Now you need to point to the path to files from which you want to make *.torrent file in "Select Source" field, click on Source button next to "Select Source" field and then a menu will drop down, choose the file/catalogue you want to place in the torrent like on the screenshot:

Add torrent screen

Now type the tracker address and tick "Private torrent" if you wish to seed on a private tracker. Then click on "Create".

This will bring up the create console menu which shows the progress and status of the process, and displays any problems if they occur.

Create torrent console

When this is complete click on "Save" to download created *.torrent file which you can use to upload to whatever tracker you created the torrent for.

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