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File Manager plugin into ruTorrent

This tutorial describes the basic functions of "File Manager" plugin which is on the middle bar inside ruTorrent. It has many functions such as copying files/catalogues, removing files/catalogues, renaming files/catalogues, creating catalogues, packing and unpacking files/catalogues and many more which will be described below..

File Manager tutorial screen

You click on the "File Manager" tab, find the file you want to work with and right click. A menu will drop down as shown in the picture above.

Open – works in the same way as double click, when you use it on a file you will start downloading it, when you use it on a catalogue, you enter it.

Copy – is used for copying files/catalogues into your service FTP directory.

Move – is used for moving files/catalogues inside your service FTP directory.

Delete - you can delete through file manager files/folders from your service.

Rename - through file manager you can rename files/folders in your service FTP directory, just right click on the file which you want to use and then choose the rename option.

Create – it has a few options:

- New .torrent – with this option you can make *.torrent files through File Manager.

- New Directory - with this option you can make folders/directories in your service FTP directory.

- New Archive - with this option you can make most popular archive files via File Manager, like: rar,zip,tar,gzip,bzip2.

- SFV file – this option allows making *.sfv. SFV - simple file verification is a file for storing checksums of files to verify the integrity of files. SFV file allows checking whether files are not corrupted.

- Screenshots - you can make a screenshot via this tool.

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