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Deluge thin configuration

Deluge thin lets you manage your seedbox deluge on your home home PC without logging on to Deluge-WebUI. It's used in the same way as a regular deluge and the adding of *.torrent files is carried out in the same way. You add torrent files to deluge on your home PC and these are added to deluge on your seedbox.

Step 1

You download and install the latest version of Deluge for your operating system from:

Step 2

You start Deluge and go to Preferences-> Interface -> you tick classic mode, and then you save changes and restart Deluge

Step 3

After restarting Deluge you go to Connection Manager and add a new connection

Step 4

Fill in the following blanks

- Host name: it can be found in the Client Area

- Port: port can be checked in your Deluge Webui in Connection Manager, there will be host, after : it's your deluge port. So if there is your port is 5111.
You can check your deluge port via SSH with the following command:

echo -e "Your Deluge port: \e[31m$(grep '"daemon_port": [0-9]*' ~/.config/deluge/core.conf | awk -F ': ' '{print $2}' | awk -F ',' '{print $1}')\e[0m"

- User: it can be found in the Client Area

- Password: it can be found in the Client Area

You click on Add

If everything was done properly the status of your server will be highlighted in green.

Step 5

Now you click on Connect. From now on you can use Deluge without logging in WebUI.


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