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How to use FXP - FTPRush

Step 1

You download the program FTP Rush from:

Step 2

You install FTP Rush and next you start it

Step 3

You add the servers between which you will send files using FXP

to do it you go to Sites -> Site Manager


Step 4

Next you click on New Site and give the name of your server. Next you confirm with OK.


Step 5

In the properties of the already named server you choose:

  • Normal FTP Server- normal connection without encoding
  • SSH FTP v1/v2/v3/v4/v5 – encoded SFTP connection
  • SSL FTP (AUTH TLS lub SSL] – encoded FTP connection

Next you give:
Host– IP number or hostname, which can be found in the Client Area
User Name – the name of the user which can be found in the Client Area
Password – the password which can be found in the Client Area
And you tick Passive Mode

The same needs to be done for the other server with which you will connect.

Step 6

Using Site Manager and the servers added previously, you connect to the first and then the second server by right clicking on Connect on a given server.


Next you choose the file you want to send from one server to the other and right click -> Transfer [IMPORTANT!! To achieve properly working transfer from server to server you need to enable the FXP option on both servers!]


If everything was done correctly, your file should be transferred without any errors.

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